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Alpine Elementary News May 20


Dear Parents,

We are wrapping up our last full week of school! It is hard to believe we are one week away from Memorial Day weekend and two weeks away from the end of the school year. This time of year can be difficult for students as we push them to complete a variety of end-of-the-year assessments, wrap up instruction related to grade-level content, and have numerous changes to their daily routine. Some
students may be getting anxious about the end of the school year for various reasons as well. This time of year can also be difficult for us adults as we try to balance work commitments, getting our children to and from extracurricular activities, or simply due to being more active at night with being able to get outside or having to work on things around home. With that being said, I found these 5 tips to keep children engaged at the end of the school year to be helpful…

1. Give in to the great outdoors!: Any time you can spend with your child outside will help manage his or her need to escape the indoors while he or she is learning in the classroom.
2. Ask questions: Teachers are working hard to keep students learning through the end of the year. Help them out by making a concerted effort to get your child talking about what is happening at school and share your related interests about any topics being studied.
3. Maintain a routine: Stay consistent with your meal times, bed times, wake up times and any other daily rituals you may have.
4. Stay positive and reflect on the year: Ask your child about what he or she can celebrate, what challenges they overcame and what they may be looking forward to next year.
5. Provide some incentive: Sometimes dangling a carrot can make a big difference
to help your child have a successful end of the year!

Please continue to stay informed by reading all school communications from your
child’s teacher, our school, and the district.

Your partner in education,
Jason Snyder

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Alpine Elementary News May 6


Dear Parents,

It is May and that means the countdown until the last week of school begins! It is hard to believe that there are approximately 20 days left of school. This time of year is packed with classroom, district and state assessments but is also filled with celebrations as we reflect upon the growth our students have made. I would like to take a moment to recognize the wonderful student teachers we had at Alpine Elementary all year. Each student teacher helped support our students and we are excited to see them take the next step and obtain their first teaching position so they can continue to make an impact on students’ lives. Special thanks to:

Bailey Evans
Natalie Walejewski
Madalyn Kennedy
Katie VanderVeer
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Jacalyn Dailey
Jessica Fare
Nick Feekings

Upon reflecting on our True Success theme of the month, Integrity, as well as some of my own children’s behavior at home recently at this time of year, I thought I would share a few thoughts pertaining to this topic. For adults and children, owning one’s behavior can be tricky. When we all arrive at home in the evening my first question is to my kids is, “How was your day?” If my children share about a problem that occurred, I will ask for further detail about what happened. Responses have varied from who else in the class was doing the same thing, how the teacher didn’t see the whole situation, etc. My next set of questions focuses on the part my child played…

What is yours to own? Or, in other words, what did you do?

How did your actions/words impact the people around you?

What is it you need to fix or make right or what can you do differently next

These questions are helpful to gain a full understanding of what occurred and help me as a parent process with my child what can be done differently to continue to grow and learn and how to better solve problems or resolve conflict. Please continue to stay informed by reading all school communications from your child’s teacher, our school and the district. I look forward to seeing those that are able to attend the Daughter Dance on Friday!

Your partner in education,
Jason Snyder

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Alpine Elementary News April 22


Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that spring break is already two weeks in the rearview and we only have 7 weeks of school left (which include some days off and half days). We are in the last stretch of the school year and it truly equates to a sprint to the finish line!

I am excited to share that our team at Alpine has developed a new code of conduct to help ground students and help them have a common understanding of basic expectations. Instead of using “Be the BEST You” as we have in the past to establish these expectations across all settings, we will now be using Alpine “Leads”.

L - Listens to Others
E - Engages in Learning
A - Acts Safely
D - Does Their Best
S - Shows Respect

As we continue to foster a positive school culture as well as a positive classroom environment, our team will be using this language to reinforce positive student behavior. Teachers are currently discussing what this means with their students and we have even developed body movements to help students remember each component. We hope to have another launch emphasizing this in the fall with students as we start the school year but wanted to start making the transition as we wrap up the school year.

Please continue to stay informed by reading all school communications from your
child’s teacher, our school, and the district.

Your partner in education,
Jason Snyder

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